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Conversion Copywriter Collective


No one here charges by the word. Or by the hour. Hire us when you want EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS.

We’re experts. And we’re results driven.

We charge by the project — and ROI is the real deal.

We’re your partners. Not your typing monkeys.

Other Things We Look for in a Client Relationship

  • Working with decision-makers – Even the best work can get ruined by committee feedback.
  • Getting paid on time – We respect your business. Please respect ours.
  • A laser focus on goals – We’ve all worked with our fair share of distraction-prone “ooh, shiny!” clients. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize.
  • Trust and mutual respect – Let’s listen to each other, like each other, and make cool stuff together.
Jessica Mehring

Content for IT, software and tech.

See more about Jessica.

Jen Havice

User research and customer driven copy for subscription businesses.

See more about Jen.

Lianna Patch

Conversion copy with a sense of humor for software & ecommerce.

See more about Lianna.

Kira Hug

Personality-driven launch copy for online course creators & thought leaders.

See more about Kira.

Maggie Patterson

Content marketing strategy and execution for small to mid-sized B2B companies.

See more about Maggie.

Sam Woods

I’m not accepting clients at this time.