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A CRO Pro for Your Subscription Business Who Specializes in Persuasive Copy

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A/B Testing, UX Copy, Web / Landing Page



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You can have copy that sells without the snooze factor.

Intrigued? Thought you might be. Because if you’re one of those people who it’s an either/or proposition, I’ve got news for you.

Just geeking out over data and algorithms isn’t any better than only shooting from the proverbial left brain when it comes to figuring out how best to get your customers to take action on your site.

You need to do some research. Ask questions. Sift through responses. See what pages your prospects are getting tripped on and where you’re leaking money.

And… you’ve got to be able to tell a story. Be true to your brand.

That’s why I go out of my way to:

  • Conduct voice of customer research
  • Dive into your Google Analytics
  • Tap into that je nais sai quoi only your business has and get visitors to stop dead in their tracks and take action.

Every project I take on involves a customer research phase (if you haven’t done any surveys or interviews and it’s needed, I can do that for you), direction on page layout, and time spent getting to know what makes your client tick.

Plus, I’m concerned with making sure your website or landing pages track with your customer’s journey – so I’ll work directly with your designer/developer to get all that new copy perfectly in sync with the other elements on the page.

Along with certifications from CopyHackers and Copyblogger, I have gone through Peep Laja’s 3 month Conversion Coaching Program and worked with him on multiple projects.

Here’s what Peep has to say about working with me:

Jen is unlike any other copywriter I’ve worked with (I’ve hired many tens). Besides being a master with words, she truly understands conversion optimization and the importance of qualitative research. She does not require any micromanagement – she is proactive, and a perfectionist. The first draft you get back from her is already fantastic. She’s the only copywriter I’ve recommended to everyone, and the only one I fully trust to get the job done. If you want copy that sells, get Jen to write it.

Peep Laja

Founder, ConverxionXL

You can take a peek at some of the projects I’ve worked on at my portfolio

You can find out more about me on my website and on LinkedIn

I’m happy to respond to requests for freelance help with website and landing page copy, voice of customer research, message evaluations, and copy for A/B tests.


A/B Testing, UX Copy, Web / Landing Page

Audience: B2B, B2C


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Copy Hackers Certified

Copyblogger Certified




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Minneapolis, MN, United States