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* An adorkable sales page “expert” *

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Direct Response / Sales Letter, Email, UX Copy, Web / Landing Page



Does writing sales copy make you want to staple your hands together
& beg the copywriting gods for mercy?

Maybe you know you’re leaving thousands of dollars on the kitchen table – and you’d much rather gobble it up, along with the chicken wings & celery (pass the blue cheese, please).

Hold your fork, y’all.

If you need help takin’ care of business, plop down at my virtual table & slide off your Oxfords.

We’ll talk copy over a cup or two of hot sake. Because when you work with me, every. single. word will create infinite opportunities for cash, clout, and new conversations worth celebrating.

I want you to walk out of my copy cave with a briefcase full of dolla holla bills.

And I won’t sleep until it happens. (Just kiddin’. That would be ridiculous … I love sleep.)

So what do you write, you ask?

Emails and sales pages …

Long-form sales pages, specifically.

Like, the longer, the better.

What don’t I write?

Everything else, including profile pages (the worst).

You are the 8 clients you surround yourself with…

(Luckily I surround myself with only the best)

It’s the rare copywriter that’s both creative and data-driven—Kira is that rare find, that shimmering needle in a very large, very dry haystack. And, I mean, how many marketers on the planet can discuss conversion opportunities while sporting a bear costume?

Joanna Wiebe

Creator, Copy Hackers

Working with Kira is not only a pleasure, it’s profitable. Both from a design and a copywriting perspective, everything she touches becomes sharper, more engaging and (most importantly) more likely to trigger a response. We saw a 50% increase in response rate on one of the most recent marketing email campaigns that underwent Kira’s magic touch. Now that’s an ROI.

Chris Taylor

Founder and President,

Kira is a quick-witted, fun-loving, ink slinger who has an incredibly impressive – dare I say ‘mensa-like’ grasp of instantly ‘getting’ your personality (and voice) and then helping you whip that into a delicious copywriting confection that your customers will be dying to devour…

Sarah Ancalmo

Award-Winning Creative Director & Founder, Public Persona Studios

Kira’s writing packs punch and pizazz.

From the moment I started using Kira I started receiving positive feedback (tones of it) on my emails.

From email sequences to sales pages, Kira is an extraordinary copywriter who has the uncanny ability to give any piece of content personality, impact and influence.

She’s my little secret I really don’t want to share her! If you’re lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with her, don’t hesitate.

Jane Copeland

Founder, Award-Winning Blog,

Kira is a genius at creating playful launch experiences that sell. Who doesn’t want to have fun and make money?

Erika Lyremark

Bestselling Author of Think Like A Stripper & CEO & Creative Director, Lyremark, Inc.

Kira’s ideas have led to lots of new listeners and more raving fans of our work. She’s incredibly creative, resourceful and reliable. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Srinivas Rao

Founder and Host, The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

Kira worked with us on pay-per-click ads, email campaigns, direct mail pieces, and brings expertise on how to work with different mediums. More recently, she’s helped us with the promotion for a new platform – Actionable Conversations – which required a complex understanding of educational marketing and the results from her marketing copy promoting our new product has been great.

Besides the tangible skills that Kira brings to the table, for me, it was her genuine curiosity into our business that really made an impact. She brought up ideas and suggestions that none of our team members had brainstormed before. Kira brings a track record of copywriting success and is flexible, curious, and results-oriented. I’d recommend her to anyone interested in crafting the right messaging around their brand and business.

Peter Nakamura

Marketing Manager,

Kira’s copywriting captured my voice and personality to a T. Not only that she really GOT my business and why I do what I do. She’s super easy to work and she created awesome copy for my business.

Dr. Michelle Mazur

Speech Designer & Idea Architect


Direct Response / Sales Letter, Email, UX Copy, Web / Landing Page

Audience: B2B, B2C


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Copy Hackers Certified




Kira Hug


Minneapolis, MN, United States