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Turning Your Web Pages into Sales Funnels

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Web / Landing Page, UX Copy and Design



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Subscription-Based and Outdoor Businesses

I can help you:

  • Bring in more sales from prospects that match your dream clients. Replace run-of-the-mill informational web pages with funnels that make those perfect-fit prospects eager to buy from you.

  • Get a higher return on your traffic-generating investments so you can do more cool marketing campaigns. (Imagine having carte blanche to do any campaign you want because of your stellar track record.)

  • Get better results from ALL of your marketing. By applying the intelligence I’ll give you about your audience’s buying process. And the motivations that’ll make prospects choose you.

Overcome the Myth That’s Preventing You From Getting More Leads, Sales and Revenue

Prospects DON’T VISIT web pages looking for a Wikipedia Info Listing about your product, service or brand.

Nope. They have a need. Or a problem. And they’re DECIDING if you offer the best solution.

You need a sales funnel mapped to your prospect’s motivations.

I’ll create messages that’ll address your prospects’ desires at each stage of their decision-making process. Convincing them more and more at every step that you offer the best solution for their needs.

Without fabricating or overselling. (Your prospects are too smart for bait-and-switch messages!).

How to Transform Your Web Pages into Sales Funnels for More Conversions

Here’s my process:

  • Research your target audience to find out why and how they buy. I’ll also discover how to soothe their anxieties, so they don’t go into decision paralysis.

  • Apply that behavioral research, buyer psychology and persuasion to create copy that notches up your prospect’s motivation to convert. I’ll also boost the selling power of your unique sales proposition and your brand’s value. Don’t have a USP? Oops … I can fix that.

  • Augment your copy with persuasive design to amplify your conversion rate. I’ll deliver the content in a mock-up, so you know exactly where to put content, buttons, testimonials and images.

  • Make sure your metrics are set up and reporting correctly.

I was looking for a coach who could give me an expert opinion on what I could do better on my website overall. Mary went above and beyond what I thought she’d do, honestly.

The copy she helped me create wasn’t cheesy, either. That’s something my audience will not tolerate. It has to be authentic to our community, and I definitely feel like what she came up with was authentic.

Since we talked and made changes, our sales have been higher than ever. We made a 30% leap in the first month, which is incredible. I think the site is really speaking to people now more than before.

Neely Quinn

Founder, TrainingBeta

I asked for Mary’s help because the messages on my website weren’t aligned with my latest company vision and weren’t connecting with my visitors.

I was impressed with how her copy combined my company’s values and passion, along with customer testimonials. She nailed what my new focus is about – without changing my voice.

I wish I would have worked with a copywriter on my website from day one. Someone like Mary who has copywriting and marketing strategy experience would have saved me $5,000 in wasted time.

Dean Barta

Chief Adventure Officer, Return On Adventure

Check out some of the projects I’ve worked on.

By hiring me, you’ll be partnering with a strategist who is setting you up for long-term success.

I’m a good fit if you are excited about getting better results from ad and sales landing pages or your website.


Web / Landing Page, UX Copy and Design

Audience: B2B, B2C


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Digital Marketing Deva


Boulder, CO, United States